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Hayter Operator Presence Control Lever - 111-9662

Hayter Operator Presence Control Lever - 111-9662

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Hayter | 111-9662
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Product Details & Features

This is a Hayter operator presence control lever that fits the following Hayter lawnmowers.

Hayter Harrier 41 models:

  • 305A, 305L, 305N, 305P, 305R, 305T
  • 306A, 306L, 306N, 306P, 306R, 306T
  • 307A, 307L, 307R, 307T
  • 308L, 308T
  • 312L
  • 374A
  • 375A
  • 376A, 376B
  • 377A
  • 379A, 379B
  • 410A, 410C, 410D, 410E, 410G, 410H
  • 411A
  • 412A, 412C, 412D, 412E, 412G, 412H
  • 413A, 413C, 413D, 413E, 413G, 413H
  • 414H

Hayter Harrier 48 models:

  • 219L, 219R, 219T
  • 220L, 220R, 220T
  • 474A
  • 476A
  • 477A
  • 480A, 480C, 480D, 480R, 480S, 480T, 480V
  • 481A, 481C, 481D, 481R, 481S, 481T, 481V
  • 486A, 486C, 486S, 486T, 486V
  • 488S, 488T
  • 490D, 490E, 490F, 490G, 490H, 490J
  • 491D, 491E, 491F, 491G, 491H, 491J
  • 493D, 493E, 493F
  • 496D, 496E, 496F, 496G, 496H, 496J

Hayter Osprey 53 models:

  • 345A
  • 346A

Hayter Harrier 56 models:

  • 340A, 340C, 340L, 340R, 340S, 340T
  • 341A, 341C, 341L, 341R, 341S, 341T
  • 342L
  • 560D, 560E, 560F, 560G, 560H, 560J
  • 561D, 561E, 561F, 561H, 561J
  • 563D, 563E, 563F (some variants of the 563F use a different lever)
  • 566G, 566H, 566J
  • 574A
  • 576A, 576B

Hayter Hawk models:

  • 308A, 308B, 308C, 308N
  • 312A, 312B, 312C, 312N

Hayter Motif mowers models:

  • 432A, 432C, 432D, 432E, 432F, 432G, 432H
  • 433A, 433C, 433D, 433E, 433F, 433G, 433H
  • 434A, 434C, 434D, 434E, 434F, 434G, 434H
  • 435A, 435C, 435D, 435E, 435F, 435G, 435H
  • 437H
  • 438H
  • 439H

Hayter Spirit 41 models:

  • 616D, 616E, 616J
  • 617D, 617E, 617J
  • 619D, 619E, 619J

Hayter Hayterette models:

  • 005D, 005E, 005G, 005H, 005J
  • 284L, 284N, 284R

Hayter Hunter models:

  • 300L, 300T
  • 301L, 301T
  • 302L, 302N
  • 320
  • 321L
  • 331L, 331T

Hayter Kestrel models:

  • 308D

Hayter Ranger models:

  • 415A, 415C
  • 397A, 397S
  • 398A, 398C, 398D, 398E, 398S
  • 399A, 399C, 399D, 399E, 399S
  • 436C, 436D, 436E

Hayter Jubilee models:

  • 422A, 422N,422V
  • 423A, 423N, 423V
  • 424A, 424N, 424V

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